Telescopes & lenses

Celestron C9.25 XLT
Celestron C11
Vixen VMC200L (new green version)
Intes MK66 Maksutov-Cassegrain
Intes MN61 Maksutov-Newton
Vixen f720mm d125mm Newtonian
4" f10 MTO-11CA "russian barrel" maksutov
Celestron CR104 4" f10 FH
Coronado PST
"Lidl" Skylux 70mm refractor
Russian 500mm/f5.6 maksutov lens
Sigma 600mm/f8 mirror lens
Truckload of Canon FD lenses


Losmandy GM-8  
  Adaption of VMC and MK66 to GM-8
Vixen New Polaris  
  Adaption of EQ-3 motor drive
  Dovetail-adapter for NP
LIDL EQ-2/Cosmostar type mount

Eyepieces and Accessories

TAL 25mm Ploessl
UO 20mm Erfle
Genuine Ortho 5, 6, 7mm
UO 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 9mm Ortho
Celestron X-CEL 21mm
18mm "ED"
Baader Eudiascopic 10mm
Takahashi LE 12.5mm
Meade #4000 32mm, 40mm Ploessl
Seben Zoom 8-24mm
'SuperPloessl' 20mm, 10mm, 6,3mm
42,5mm Kellner
TeleVue Powermate 5x
TeleVue Powermate 2.5x
Meade 4000series #140 2x apochromatic barlow
TAL 4x Barlow
TeleVue 3x barlow
Astronomik TypeII RGB filterset
Baader solar film filters 4", 6"
Baader UV/IR cut filter
Baader/Zeiss IR-passfilter Schott 665
Schüler UV-Passfilter
Baader "Venus" UV-passfilter
Vixen 7x50 finder scoper
Vixen 6x30 finder scope
Meade #1209 "Zero image shift" motorized SC focusser


ImagingSource DMK 21AF04.AS
Foculus FO124B IEEE1394a/Firewire DCAM camera
Philips ToUcam 740 pro webcam with 1 1/4 " adapter
Sony ICX098BL equiped B/W ToUcam 740 pro
Unibrain Fire-i monochrome board camera - RIP
Truckload of Canon FD camera bodies

Observing location

My observing location