Losmandy GM-8

Technical data:

Mount type: Equatorial mount with motorized RA and DEC axis
Max. nominal payload: 15kg
Equatorial head weight: 10.5kg


  • Excellent polar-finder (optional but a must)
  • Decent aluminum tripod
  • Build-quality
  • Clutch system on RA&DEC axis
  • Ready to go basis-package (Tripod, motor drives, electronics)
  • Sturdy G11 style dovetails


  • Flimsy external polar finder illumination power supply
  • Aluminum axis shafts - I would prefer stiffer stainless steel shafts
  • Default setup always set for southern hemisphere ?


One highlight of the Losmandy mounts is the optional polar-finder. Polar aligning the GM-8 is a real treat and reliably done within minutes. The finder includes engravings for northern and southern hemisphere which are illuminated by a red LED. The only drawback is the flimsy external battery pouch attached by a thin cable. This doesn't fit the well thought concept and great build quality of the Losmandy mounts at all !

Engravings of polar finder

Polar alignment for northern hemisphere

First set up the tripod with the water-levels with polaris roughly visible in the polar finder. Rotate the polar finder so that the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia symbols point in direction of the respective constellation - the constellations themself are not visisble in the finder. Now place Polaris(alpha-UMI, mag 2.02), delta-UMI (mag 4.36) and 51 Cepheus (if visible) in the corresponding gaps by adjusting azimuth and elevation and rotating the polar finder. The correct positions for 1990, 2000 and 2010 are marked in the finder, interploate the position of the current date between them.
That's it - nice, easy and precise !

Polar alignment for northern hemisphere