Dovetail adapter for Vixen NewPolaris

Most new scopes feature a dovetail for mounting. Most common is the Vixen type of dovetail adopted by many other scope and mount manufacturers.
Some (mostly older) mounts like my NewPolaris or a SuperPolaris use to have a saddle to mount tube rings only. I've been looking for an adapter to mount a dovetail onto my NP and came up with this simple but effective concept.

A nice locking clamp for Vixen dovetails is available from Baader-Planetarium (Giro II Prismenklemme Model V 245 1530)

I took a 40mm wide quite massive door hinge from a building store, sawed it to length and drilled 4 holes to mount the clamp to the plate and the plate to the mount-saddle.

The clamp is fixed by 2 M6x20 countersunk bolts and nuts, the plate by 2 M6x30 bolts and nuts. The appropriate distance to the saddle is achieved by 8 washers per bolt.

Ready for action !