Pragmatic IR filter test

After some first RGB-filtered Saturn captures with my ICX098BL B/W cam I wanted to know the IR-pass characteristics of my color filters. I performed a quick pragmatic test with a TV remote-controll and the IR-sensitive B/W cam

Filter IR off IR on comment
Meade 23a light-red 25% transmission  
Meade 80a blue 30% transmission IR passes blue filter
Baader green bandpass 500nm IR passes bandpassfilter (according to datasheet)

Baader dark blue 435nm bandpass

IR passes bandpassfilter (according to datasheet)
Baader UV/IR-cut A slight amount of IR is visible, according to datasheet and CCD-sensitivity in the range of filter edge at 700nm
Baader IR-pass No surprise here
Baader UV-pass IR-proof