Philips ToUcam 740 Pro

Image by Philips

Technical details

Model: PCVC 740K, Toucam Pro
Manufacturer: Philips
Interface: USB1.x
Sensor type: 1/4"CCD
Sensor: Sony ICX098BQ
CCD Chip size: 4.60mm (H) × 3.97mm (V)
CCD Pixel size: 5.6um x 5.6um
Total number of CCD pixels: 692 (H) × 504 (V)
Noninterpolated effective resolution from CCD: 659 x 494
Noninterpolated resolutions availabe from driver: 640x480,352x288,320x240,
Sensitivity: <1 lux
Whitebalance: 2500 – 7500 K
Color depth: 24bit(?) not likely to be transfered fully via USB ?
Framerate in fps: 5,10,15,20,25,30@640x480 and 352x288, upto 60@320x240 and below
Power consumption in operation: 1.2W
Lens thread: 12M X 0.5
Dimensions: H x W x D 69 x 48 x 48 mm
Weight: 110 g
Cable length: 2.95 m