Celestron C9.25 XLT

C9 on GM8

Technical data

Construction: Schmidt-Cassegrain catadioptrical reflector
Clear aperture: d=234.95mm
f=2350mm, f/10
Secondary mirror cell obstruction: 36% by diamater, 13% by area
Primary mirror focal ratio: f/2.3
Secondary mirror focal ratio: f/4.3
Tube length w/o dew cap: 558.8mm
Tube material: Aluminum
Focus type: Moving primary mirror
Schmidt plate coating: Celestron StarBright XLT
OTA Weight: 9.07kg
Finder scope: 6x30

C9 closeup

Imaging session with C9

Bobs knobs installed

Construction of dewcap

Black felt has been added to the inside later...

C9 in full lunar imaging mode > Results of this session <

Meade #1209 Zero Image-Shift Microfocuser & C9: