Imaging Artefacts

  1. Diffraction Pattern Artefacts

  2. Camera introduced Artefacts

    1. DMK 21AF04.AS - Ring Artefact Testing

Wavelength of light - Seeing vs. Resolution

Imaging Source DMK 21AF04.AS
Camera review for solar system imaging

Astro Imaging Techniques with ToUcam 740

  1. Overview

  2. Image Capture

  3. Stacking Frames

  4. Sharpening & Postprocessing

  5. Premises for high resolution imaging

  6. Usage of IR-cut filters

  7. Bandpassfilters in planetary b/w imaging

Principles of CCD imaging

Gain, Blooming, Shutter

Brightness, Contrast, Gamma

The Ghost of Encke

Black&white ICX098BL modification of ToUcam pro

Fire-i monochrome camera build & mod

Pragmatic IR filter test

Calculating sizes of lunar & planetary features