High Resolution CCD Imaging - Thierry Legault's home page Planetary imaging, tutorials
Lunar and Planetary Images by Wes Higgins Among the best amateur images
Andrea Tasselli Planetary webcam imaging, deepsky
AvertedImagination Alan Friedman
Mike Salway Astronomy and Photography
Sebastian Voltmer Planetary & Deepsky imaging
Gu Yu Astrophotography Planetary webcam imaging
Astroarcan (Rolf Arcan) Planetary webcam imaging, deepsky
Space Scenes Astrophotography by John Boudreau
HAlfie's planetary and lunar webcam imaging Planetary webcam imaging
Webcam High Resolution Imaging by Eric Ng Planetary webcam imaging
Through my looking glassBrian Combs Astrophotography
Astromick - Mick Hyde Planetary imaging & blog
Astro Meeting by Stefan Seip Deepsky, planets
The Firmament by Jan Timmermans Nearly everything
Philippe Vercoutter Solar, planetary & deepsky imaging
Ed Grafton's CCD Astro-imaging Page Planetary imaging, deepsky
Russel Croman Astrophotography
Damian Peach Planetary imaging
Earth and Cosmos - Paul Haese Planetary, deepsky and terra-imaging
Amun-Ra - Gianluca Valentini Solar imaging
Lunar captures - George Tarsoudis Lunar&planetary imaging
Astrominsk - Yuri Goryachko Planetary imaging
Christopher Go Planetary imaging
Skytrip - Mario Weigand Planetary imaging, deepsky
Wolfgang Paech >40 years of various excellent astronomical works
Astromanie.de - Ralf Gerstheimer Planetary imaging, deepsky
Sky-Win.de - Claudia & Thomas Winterer Planetary imaging, deepsky
Jacob Bassøe Solar- and  Astrophotos
Frank Brandl - Astro Imaging Solar system & deepsky imaging
George Hall's CCD Astronomy Planetary imaging, deepsky
Equuleus on Tap - Mike Wirth Lunar & planetary imaging
The Big Eye - Tony Gondola Lunar imaging, essays & processing tutorials
Larry Owens Planetary imaging
Eric Roel - Views of Our Nearest Neighbors Lunar, solar & planetary imaging
David Tyler Planetary imaging
Bart Declercq Solar System, Deepsky and more
Frank Specht Planetary imaging
Edward Roach - The Massapoag Observatory Planetary imaging
H-R Tan Wei Leong Planetary webcam imaging
www.astroimagen.com - Ignacio de la Cueva Deepsky, solar system
Sungazer.net Solar imaging
Renato Tarabella Planetary webcam imaging
CCD images by Roland Christen Mr.Astrophysics, deepsky, planets
Wonderplanets - Torsten Edelmann Planetary webcam imaging
Large scale sunspot photographs Arthur L.Whipple
noba-finland L. Ekblom - Finland
AstroCat - Oliver Stiehler Planetary Imaging
Paul's astro pics Paul Robertson's astro imaging blog
Christophe Behaegel  
Solamat Solar whitelight database
Basehalpha Solar image database
Christian Viladrich  
François Emond Solar system, deepsky
STREHLBUSTER.COM Andreas Murner - mainly solar imaging
Pete Lawrence Planetary, solar, lunar, deepsky and more
Dominique "Dodi" Dierick Planetary webcam imaging, deepsky, art photography
Fabio SKY Planetary imaging, deepsky
Robert Gendler - The universe in color Mr. Deepsky
Daniele Gasparri Planetary imaging, deepsky - Link updated
Ian Sharp Planetary imaging
Unigraph.de - Harald Paleske Excellent solar imaging
Stephan Messner Deepsky imaging
Arnaud van Kranenburg  
High Resolution Lunar and Planetary Imaging By Zac Pujic
Cord Scholz Deepsky imaging
Jason P Hatton Planetary imaging
Panther Observatory - Johannes Schedler Planetary imaging, deepsky, constellations
David Dench Luanr and planetary imaging
Antonello Medugno Solar system & deepsky
Tranquility Base Observatory Geert Vandenbulcke
SolarMinimum Gary Palmer
Christophe Pellier Planetary imaging and observations
Paolo R. Lazzarotti Planetary imaging
Jan Fremerey Planetary imaging
Binoviewer.at Gallery, Equipment, Tuning... (german language)
Passion du ciel par Patrick Sogorb Planetary and deep sky imaging
Jesus R. Sanchez Planetary Imaging
Richard Bosman Planets, Deepsky
Philipe Rouselle Solar imaging, planets, filter measurements
Jean-Luc Dauvergne Planetary imaging, deepsky
Ian King Deep sky
Capella Observatory  
Ralf Vandebergh  
A.Cidadão Lunar and planetary observation and CCD imaging
Marcus Wienecke Planetary, deepsky
Eric Todd's Planetary Webcam Page Planetary webcam imaging
The astroscopic labs  
Morden Observatory - Adrian Catterall Solar, plametary, deepsky
Anthony Wesley aka Bird Excellent planetary imaging
Antonio Fernandez Astrophotography  
Christian Viladrich Solar & planetary imaging, deepsky
Leo Bluhm Planetary imaging
Lunar Picture of the Day (LPOD) by Chuck Wood Lunar picture of the day by Chuck Wood
Indices to the LPODs Sorted by various categories
Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers ALPO
Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers of Japan ALPO
Mars Watch 2005  
International Outer Planets Watch  
ISS-tracking.de Imaging the space station
European amateur astronomers Sorted link collection
Jérôme Grenier  
Giorgio Mengoli Solar system iumaging
Jamie Cooper
Teiva Leroi Solar system & deepsky from Raïatea
The Project Apollo Archive  
APOD Astronomy Picture of the DAY
Apollo over the moon A View From Orbit
Lunar atlasses Lunar and planetary institute
Photographic moon book by Alan Chu
Digital Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon  
Mars Global Surveyor image of the day Mars Orbiter Camera Images
Planetary Virtual Observatory & Laboratory PVOL
CMO/OAA Mars gallery 2005  
Nasa's Planetary Photojournal Best solar system images


Cloudy nights
Unmanned Spaceflight
Ice in Space

Teleskop Service Ransburg  
APM Telescopes Ludes  
Intercon Spacetec  
House of Optics  
Reese - astronomical eyepieces  
Science-shop.de Books
Framos CCDs, CMOS sensors...
3rd Planet  
Astro Optik Martini  
Astro Optik Bock  
AOM Telescopes (AstroOptik Meier)  
Tele Optic Oldenburg  

Teleskop Austria  
AlpineAstro US
Optique Unterlinden France
Anacortes Telescope & Wild Bird US
Optical Guidance Systems US
Company 7  
Hands on optics US
Modern Astronomy UK - mainly CCD cameras
Astro Techniek NL - own mount design
Teton Telescope US - russian optics
Astrotech Engineering Italy
Astromeccanica Italian High Quality Astro Instruments
Unitronitalia Italy
Galileo Swiss, France
alltelescopes.com Israel

Astro-Physics Scopes & Mounts
Astronomik Filters
Edmund Optik  
Atik Instruments Low cost CCD cams
Losmandy Mounts & Accessories
Lumenera Cams (industrial USB2 cams)
ImagingSource Firewire cams
ImagingSource Astronomycameras Firewire cams
TEC Scopes
Orion Optics UK Scopes & Kits
Wolfgang Lille Optical equipment for solar observation
Intes Micro Russian scopes
Vixen Scopes, Mounts, Eyepieces, Accessories
Vixen Europe  
Vixen USA  
Lazzarotti Optics Planetary Dall-Kirkham Cassegrains
Lazzarotti Vision Dedicated planetary imaging cameras
Opticon custom optics Netherlandss
Millenniummount Mounts
TMB Scopes
Coronado Solar filters and scopes
SolarSpectrum Solar H-alpha filters
QSI Scientific grade digital cameras
Daystar Solar filters
Astrodon Filters
Takahashi Scopes & Mounts
TAL Scopes & Mounts
Baader-Planetarium Filters, Accessories, Eyepieces,...
Lumicon Filters, Accessories
RC Optical Systems Ritchey-Chretien Scopes
JMI Telescopes Jim's Mobile Incorporated
Starlight Instruments Feathertouch focusers
Moonlite Focusers and more
TeleVue Eyepieces, Barlows
Stevens Optical Mirrors
Starmaster Top Dobsons
10Micron Mounts
University Optics Eyepieces
MountainInstruments Mounts
Meade (US site)  
Meade (Germany)  
Asai Spectra USA Optical filters and instruments
D&G Optical  
Sony CCD sensors  
William Optics  
R.F.Royce Precision Optical Components
Coronado Solar filters and dedicated scopes
Starlight-Xpress Astronomical CCD Cameras
WolterScope Schiefspiegler
Gerd Neumann jr.  
Robin Casady Astro Excellent hardware, counterweights, dovetail saddles
SBig Astronomical CCD Cameras
Astrosystems Holland  
Dan's pier top plates  
Zygo Optical measurement products

Astronomy Cameras Blog The Imaging Source Astronomy Camera Blog
The telescope bluebookUsed telescope information sourcebook
AstroBond Etienne Bonduelle: ICX098BL B/W mod, Rawmode Bond-macros, many more...
Martin Burri Long exposure mods, insight of ToUcam 840, many details of ToUcam internas
André Knöfel Filter transmission measurements
Astro filter page for solar observers - P. Höbel Excellent transmission line measurements of solar observing filters
Base de donnée de la qualité des montures équatoriales Measurements of periodical errors of many well known mounts. Highly interesting.
Philips ToUcam Measurements Don Bruns highly interesting ToUcam information & measurements
Greg Beek's Astroweb ICX414 Mod

AVIStack by Michael Theusner MAP Registration, Stacking
High Precision Ephemeris Tool by M.Dings Excellent ephemerides calculation tool
Registax by Cor Berrevoets Registration, Stacking, Wavelets
Ninox by Anthony 'Bird' Wesley Excellent preprocessing tool
Aberrator by Cor Berrevoets Simulation of Aberation
Giotto by Georg Dittié Processing, Registration, Stacking; Filtering,...
Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight Image processing
Coriander IEEE1394 Firewire DCAM application for Linux
ESA/ESO/NASA Photoshop FITS Liberator v.2.0 FITS for Photoshop
FITS Image Viewers and Format Converters Linklist of tools
WcCtrl by Martin Burri Numeric webcam controls, dumpable setttings
Iris by Christian Buil Astronomical image processing
Projet Roddier Startest software
WcRmac by M.Burri and BondMacros by Etienne Bonduelle Change EPROM of webcam -> Raw-mode, optimized nonraw-mode
Astromist Astronomy software for Pocket PC & Palm
Peas Periodic Error Analizing Software
Virt***Dub Great movie editing and capture software
ImageMagick Image processing with command line and program interface
http://www.codec-download.com Codecs
http://www.free-codecs.com/ Codecs

SkippySky Astronomy Weather Forecast:Weather/cloud/seeing forecast
Meteoblue European seeing forcast
Nasa JPL Solar System Simulator  
GFS Global Forecast System Mid-Europe
Space-Agents Weather forecast Cloud forecast Europe
Unisys weather 6 Panel Aviation 300 mb Plot for Europe
Weather underground - Jetstream Jetstream map
Time zone abbreviations  
Solar terrestrial dispatch  
AstroPhoto Insight™ Sky Insight's Online Astrophotography Magazine
Ralph Aeschliman Planetary Cartography and Graphics
Active Solar Region Monitor Solar activities
spaceweather.com News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, near-Earth asteroids
Flashskies Online planetarium & calculator using Flash
Heavens-above Online planetarium & calculator
Calsky Online planetarium & calculator

The Moon Wiki  
Observatorium Kanzelhöhe Solar & environmental research, daily whitelight & H-alpha solar images
The planetary society  
The mars observer's cafe  
Out of the cradle - Chronicles of the new space age  
ALPO- solar section  
Information Sources on the WWW for Solar Observers by Gordon Garcia  
VDS Fachgruppe Sonne  
SIDC Solar Influences Data Analysis Center
Sonne Online  
N3KL Solar data
Chuck Wood's Moon  
astroexcel.de - Ereignisse 2006 Astronomical events (german language)
The Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Astronomy, and Spaceflight  
Space Night - Alpha Centauri Archive Prof. Harald Lesch (german language)